The Full Windsor

If you are a student at (or supporter of) the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences, felilum & bennmush! 

Not only was our interdimensional academy the inspiration for Omniofest, but several activities have been intertwined with the weekend's general schedule to accommodate our fiddleheads. Herein you will find fest hacks to give you a true Omni experience, right under the unwitting noses of those around you. (Yes, some noses do wit.) 

Should you wish to refresh your memory on academy matters prior to attending, consider consulting the following riveting tomes when they become available in Spring/Summer 2020:
  • Piddlypedia - the student Welcome Circular
  • Paltrypalaver - Vocabularium & Directorum
  • Lexicarta 300 - English to Naturim Dictionary
  • Sheffield's Irrefutable Rules of Squallix - open water edition
  • Alternative Athletics & Other Disportations - also by Sheffield

Omni Otinerary
Participants should be warned that despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee members of the Song of the Sun cult or Exaequos insurgent militia will not infiltrate the fest. Attend at your own peril.

  • 12noon - Welcome Wagon opens
  • 1pm - Abridged Ceremonies Inaugural & Splitz with Omni Paean kazoo sing-along
  • 1:30pm - Elements overview
  • 2pm - The Pocket Hub Emporium opens (2-6pm), Scallywag Scavenger Hunt commences
  • 3pm - Element bonding (Find your tribe) 
  • 4pm - Meet your folk! (Get acquainted with your elementmates, learn your element song & more)
  • 5pm - Omni Trivia, Siesta or Mythological Makeover
  • 6:30pm - ICE (Immersive Character Experience) reception
  • 7pm - Sups & Benevolenciary Auction
  • 8pm - Omni Tripudiation (similar to Dim Q Regency style dancing)
  • 9pm - Sundae Social, Element Fashion Show & Sing-along
  • 9:30pm - Salty Dog Sea Shanties & Fiery Pirate Insults contest
  • 10pm - Stargazing & astronomy lesson
  • 10:30 - Coloring with The Colours of Omni coloring book pages

  • 7am - Annoying daily AOAS holocast on Youtube
  • 8am - Tao Cheng for body & soul
  • 9am - Make a Monster collaboration project (creature will feature in an Omni Tale), The Pocket Hub Emporium opens (9am-12noon)
  • 10am - Genie Libriss Bliss Fantasy Fitness belly dance class
  • 11am - Spavel (space-time travel) class
  • 12noon - Soup & Salad Splitz and Q&A with Omni chronicler JSD Johnston
  • 1pm - Siren Songcatcher craft, The Pocket Hub Emporium opens (1-5pm)
  • 2pm - Terris tour of the grounds by docents
  • 3pm - Naturim language class
  • 4pm - Squallix lesson (at pool)
  • 5pm - Lawn Bula or Talent Spectacle rehearsal
  • 6pm - Hands-On Potions class
  • 7pm - Sups & live entertainment
  • 8pm - Talent Spectacle & Vaudeville
  • 9:30pm - Willy Wonka film fete & PJs party
  • 11pm - After-hours parties

  • 7am - Annoying daily AOAS holocast on Youtube
  • 8am - Langrada for body & soul
  • 9am - Create your own character (to be written of in Omni tales), The Pocket Hub Emporium opens (9am-3pm)
  • 10am - Mermaids in Motion water dancing (at pool)
  • 11am - Interdimensional Protocol class (You've been warned)
  • 12noon - Rubik's Cube Splitz outdoors while reading
  • 1pm - Collaborative Songwriting session
  • 2pm - Kraken Ink: how to contribute to an Omni anthology or get published through E. Gads Hill's Omni imprint
  • 3pm - Tuta Tea & Closing Ceremonies